The Amazing Mangoes season is back - 2019, Grab the special mangoes baskets before season ends (Alphonso , Kesar, Banghanpalli, .Himayat (Imam pasand), Cheruku Rasalu, Pedda Rasalu, Chinna Rasalu, Rajapuri).

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Indian Mango

Not all mangoes are grown equally. Best mangoes come from the best orchards with the effort of the farmers who feel for their fruit.We are the growers of authentic Devgad Hapus also known as the Alphonso, widely savoured as the best mango in the world. It requires cultivation with utmost care, So we also help our members with knowledge of best cultivation practices to produce mangoes in a purely organic way. Our farmers have been doing this from generations. See how our history of mango crops are shaping up in different regions. Please buy mangoes from us and help our farmers get the right worth for their produce.



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Indian Mango Varieties


“Alphonso” is the king of mangoes, among the finest of Indian mangoes.. These delicious and extremely fragrant mangoes make every person crave for this variety. It has a flavor that is intensely sweet, rich and full, with multiple aromatic overtones and a hint of citrus.
Naturefresh brings to you the best Alphonso mangoes from mangroves in Ratnagiri and Devgad in Maharashtra. The King of Fruits from this area is known to be having the best taste, texture and flavor, making them a genuine treat. Its peak season is from mid-April to mid-May. You will appreciate the finest genuine devgad alphonso mangoes, handpicked and delivered to your doorstep. Perfect for gifting, these mangoes are evaluated by size, typically ranging from 250 to 300 grams a fruit.



Now, we come to the queen of mangoes, Kesar, widely grown in the Gujarat and Maharashtra states of India. It has a unique golden saffron glow, a rich smooth pulp and sweet intense flavor that tease your taste buds. It is mainly characterized by its unique gold color with green overtones.
It is a medium measured elliptical molded mango. The fruit weighs approximately 200-300 grams. Its pinnacle season is from mid-May to end-June. Nature Fresh America brings to you the finest Kesar that is naturally ripened.



Benishaan or Banginapalli mangoes infers its name from its originating town named Banaganpalle 70 km from Kurnool in Andhra Pradesh, India. Its near-perfect form led too the name Benishaan which translates to 'without a flaw' or 'without a scar'. The fruit is distinctly sweet and fragrant, sideways oval fit as a fiddle, brilliant yellow in shading. A longer shelf-life makes it ideal for canning. For the most part, this variety originates from Andhra Pradesh and Tamilnadu states of India.
Banginapally mangoes typically weighs around 300-500 gm however some can grow up to 2kg in weight. The loyalty that this mango enjoys can make anyone envious. Its season is between mid-May and mid-June.

Himayat (Imam pasand)

Excellent sweet aroma, sweet in taste, fiberless flesh and abundant juicy. One cup of sliced mangoes has just 110 calories. Himayat is a commercial variety of Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu. Imam Pasand is also known as Himayuddin , Chapta, Safeda, Baneshan, Imampas, Himayat and Chapai. People all over India really love the Mangoes

Chinna Rasalu

This is the most popular juicy mangoes from the Andhra Pradesh, It usually comes in two sizes.The most sought after china rasalu comes from the Nuzvid region of Andhra. The mango is extremely sweet and juicy when ripe.When it is ripe, it needs to be immediately consumed. Most people extract the juice and freeze it for the times when there is no mango.

Cheruku Rassalu

Cheruku Rasam mango is a popular variety from the coastal region of Andhra Pradesh the ripen fruit of Cheruku Rasam mango is very tasty.


Rajapuri has an inviting sweet mango aroma that matches a moderate-intensity taste, making this variety a preferred fruit in Europe. Fully ripe Brix range 16 to 20.

The largest of the Indian mango varieties and is a similar shape to Kesar but more rounded. An attractive combination of smooth and unblemished yellow, orange and red skin. Fruit size varies from 500g to 1kg, but the smaller sizes up to 750g are a little sweeter.

Smooth and tender flesh without fibre. Perfect ripeness when all green areas are replaced with attractive yellow, orange and red hues.

Pedda Rasalu

PeddaRasalu Popularly known for its lemon-yellow skin tone and equally delicious taste, this Mango breed is incredibly unique and self- indulging in its own way!

This mango is one of the most popular varieties of mangoes in South India. A fully ripedRaspuri or Peddarasalu mango are harvested at the right time. It is ripened naturally and it can beat the all mangoes even we can say it can beat the Alphonso, in taste as well as the amount of juice per mango. If we talk about the particular area like Bengaluru, many people ask for only Raspuri mango among all mango varieties.